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Renting: No-fault evictions to be banned in England

Landlords are to be prevented from evicting tenants in England without giving a reason, under proposals published in a government White Paper.

The Renters Reform Bill will also end blanket bans on benefit claimants or families with children – and landlords must consider requests to allow pets.

Housing charity Shelter called it a “game-changer”.

But landlords associations said the government must ensure the changes would not worsen the housing crisis.

Of all the private renters leaving accommodation in 2019 and 2020, 8% had been asked to go by their landlord, the Department for Levelling up said.

No-fault evictions are already banned in Scotland for tenancies starting after 1 December 2017
The Welsh government says no-fault-eviction notice periods will be extended to six months by the end of 2022
Legislation to extend the notice period for tenancies is going through the Northern Ireland Assembly
‘It was a horrible situation’
Krystalrose was served a no-fault eviction
Image caption,
Krystalrose was served a no-fault eviction after complaining about mould
Krystalrose Shirley was served with a no-fault eviction in October 2021 after complaining about mould and other issues in her private rented property in Enfield, north London.

The 28-year-old had lived there for two years with her young daughter and said finding somewhere else was a nightmare.

“I struggled to find somewhere [else] to live, especially being on DSS [housing benefit]. It was really hard to find somewhere suitable for me and my daughter I went to the council but I kept being fobbed off.

The council eventually housed her nearby, but the flat is far from ideal, she says: it is due to be knocked down, and the bathroom ceiling is leaking. She hopes the proposed changes will mean other people aren’t faced with the same situation.

“The property damaged my furniture, we were ill with mould, we suffered and at the end they told us to get out. This will stop landlords thinking they can do that to tenants for no reason and give the tenants a bit more power.”

‘No fault’ rental eviction rate appalling – Shelter
‘Sick and stressed’ renters evicted without reason
Shelter chief executive Polly Neate said: “The Renters Reform Bill is a game-changer for England’s 11 million private renters.

“Scrapping unfair evictions will level the playing field.

“For the first time in a long time, tenants will be able to stand up to bad behaviour instead of living in fear,”

“Gone will be the days of families being uprooted and children forced to move school after being slapped with a Section 21 no-fault eviction for no good

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